Fego developer's Hub! Guides, resources, and references to learn, integrate, and get started with Fego.


Learn about our tech support products before you get started.

In the Sandbox, you can perform the following activities:

  • Sign up for our products

  • Create a Client ID and Secret key to access all of our products

  • Set up your brand parameters so we can customise our embeddable SDK modules to your brand

To assist the technical team in testing and integrating our products into your application, you can access resources.

This platform allows you to:

  • Access integration documents

  • API docs

  • Test our APIs

Create a Sandbox Account

You can test our products in the sandbox environment for a limited period of 60 days.
Sign up for our Sandbox, if you haven’t already. Sign up here

In case you need to extend the sandbox testing, request an extension to [email protected]

Choose products

  • FegoConnect - Easy-to-embed SDK to onboard your users to the Account Aggregator ecosystem, enable them to link their bank accounts, and obtain their consent for data access

  • FegoXP - Modular personal financial management capabilities for your users via API and SDK

  • FegoIntel - Verify bank accounts, income and employment. Get insights on creditworthiness, collections & recovery, fraud, assets, the propensity to save and much more

To know about products, visit our website fego.ai




FegoConnect (Account Aggregator) SDK



Launching soon






FegoIntel APIs


Set up Your Brand Parameters

Fill in your brand parameters in the customiser so we can Whitelabel the FegoConnect and FegoXP modules to match your branding style.

You can add

  • Logo
  • Primary Color
  • Title Color
  • Text Color
  • Page Background Color
  • Button Text Color

Generate keys

After you choose the products, you can generate a unique client id and secret key. You can use the same key to access all our APIs.

Test Products

Refer to our API docs for FegoXP and FegoIntel under the respective sections.

You can test the APIs directly on our API documentation page.

Write to [email protected] to get our postman collection.

To test our SDKs, navigate to the SDK Integration for each product in the sidebar menu. Currently, you can test our FegoConnect SDK.

Test Data

You might have to use test data from the sandbox to test the FegoXP and FegoIntel modules before going live.

The following options are available for test data:

  1. Sample transactions will be generated to an onboarded test user if you subscribe to our FegoConnect Account Aggregator module. With this data, our FegoXP and FegoIntel API will function.

  2. If you don't subscribe to the FegoConnect Account Aggregator module, you can use the default customer for which the test data is already available.

  3. You can push your own test data via an API. For more details, contact us at [email protected].

For any technical support, write to [email protected]