What is FegoXP?

“FegoXP” is a library of plug-and-play personal finance management (PFM) experiences. The experiences are modular and independent so you can choose the experiences that are relevant to your use case.

What type of financial experiences does "FegoXP" have?

FegoXP has 11+ full-blown financial experience APIs under six SDK modules viz.

  • Budget Planner

  • Financial Health Score

  • Financial Calendar

  • Saving Management

  • Expense Report

  • Nudges

Do I need to be a Fintech or Bank to embed "FegoXP" modules?

Any B2C platform can now add PFM capabilities with FegoXP.

What are the options to integrate?

You can use our SDKs to directly plug and play the FegoXP modules in your application or you can use our APIs to integrate them directly into your UI.

Modules live status

  • API - Live
  • SDK - Launching soon