You can integrate FegoXP APIs into your application using this guide

Integration Steps

Customer Creation

  • First you need to create a customer at Fego to load transaction data for that customer and you can access our FegoXP APIs for that customer.

  • Create a customer at Fego using the Create Customer API

  • You can get your clientId and secret from the Sandbox Console -> API Key Manager. Make sure to subscribe to the FegoXP products that you want to access.

  • UserId is your customer's phone number

  • You will get the Fego Customer ID in the response. This Fego Customer ID will be used to access FegoXP APIs.

Load Transaction Data Via FegoConnect - Account Aggregator

To integrate the FegoConnect - Account Aggregator and get transactional data for the customer directly from their bank accounts through the consent-driven AA framework.

Load Transaction Data via API

Contact Fego support at [email protected] to get access to our Load Transaction Feed API

Access FegoXP

Once the transactional data for the customer is generated, you can use the FegoXP APIs.

Step 1: Create Customer Authentication Token using the Create Customer Auth Token API

Step 2: You will get the accessToken in the API response

Step 3: Pass the accessToken in the Header as a Bearer Authentication for any FegoXP APIs