This document is to test FegoConnect without integrating it into your application. And if you want to integrate FegoConnect in your application, follow Sandbox Integration guide.

Link Customer Bank Account

Step 1: Open Sandbox Console

Step 2: Make sure the FegoConnect -> Account Aggregator product is selected and API keys are generated

Step 3: Now click on Test AA Flow on the left sidebar to initiate the Account Aggregator flow

Step 4: Enter your Phone Number and click Get OTP

Step 5: Submit your OTP

Step 6: Link Bank Accounts

Step 7: Approve Consent

Retrieve Fego Customer ID

Since there is no Application Integration, you need to fetch the Fego Customer ID using the phone number used in the previous Link Customer Step

Step 1: Open the Get Customer API

Step 2: Enter your clientId and secret from your Sandbox Console -> API Key Manager

Step 3: Enter the phone number used in FegoConnect in the userId field

Step 4: Make the API request and this will return the fego_customer_id of the customer that was onboarded while testing.

Customer Authentication Token

Customer Authentication Token needs to be passed as a bearer token in the header of all the FegoXP or FegoIntel API endpoints. You can generate the Customer Authentication Token using the Customer Authentication API.