Onboard users with the Account Aggregator onboarding kit and access rich financial data.


Account Aggregation Framework is an RBI-approved open banking initiative that facilitates a simple and secure exchange of data across financial institutions like banks, insurance agencies or mutual fund companies to create better value and innovative services for customers. The information can only be shared with the user's consent.

How it works

We have partnered with leading account aggregators. With our FegoConnect Account Aggregator onboarding embeddable SDK, you can let your users connect their financial accounts and provide consent for data access. This module can be white-labelled to suit your branding.


What information is available?

Savings Account, Current Account, Term deposits and Recurring Deposits data are now available. Soon, the other asset classes will also be accessible.

What banks are covered?

Currently, 15 banks, including Union Bank of India, Indian Bank, Punjab National Bank, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, IndusInd Bank, etc., are active on the Account Aggregator network and covered in the PRODUCTION environment. For your sandbox testing, you can only choose Finvu Bank.

For any technical support, write to [email protected]